How the Soul of a country can heal through protest

Every nation has a Soul. It is formed by all the history a nation, country, of volk has build up. Individuals are part of that. People have a more conscious mind, but also a more unconscious mind and unconscious mind of people connects with the unconscious mind of planet earth. In that unconscious mind of planet earth every that has taken place in history is combined in that. With healthy borders that fit a country has it's form through history and carries a soul of shared folkore and shared rituals and shared worldview. And people are part of it through being one of a nation. 

Already long ago we started traveling to conquer the world and be curious about how living is somewhere else and to get to know each others history and be part of each other, and now through internet we are more then ever part of eachother every where around the globe. But this virus calls us to stay home, this virus bites our genes, but somehow people like traveling and that need isn't to be stilled soon. 

But we are hurt in many ways now. But hurt that is 'verdrongen', put away, comes back later in a 'verwrongen' way, deluded way. That is within an individual, but also in the soul of a country. Individuals need to be part of some herd and they always do, they are always also part of a system. And an individual has the need of a basis in food, shelter, shower and a fine 'huisje, boompje, beestje' to live in where his basic needs, but also his emotional, cognitive and spiritual needs are met. But if people are hurt on whatever level and they don't recognize that they live on disconnected from them selves, and that hurt will shine up oneway, one way or the other way around. Hurt that isn't recognized make people sick at some level, psychical or mentally. 

People are hurt now by this pandemic, but also other problems where already existing. The soul of every country is stirring and people will rise up. Many people will come in trouble, individual, but also through deeper lying problems in the collective system. And healing can only occur if people rise up for that. Individuals are touched also by their own soul, but also because of the connection of being part of the soul where you come from or belong to. That has to do with the origin of your roots and where you live. Your own history is also connected to the history of the system. That is why immigrants also have difficulty of being part of a new country. Sometime more sometime less. 

But we are all connected as human beings. And hurt that is 'verdrongen' comes out 'verwrongen'. Healing in the collective soul also comes out where people rise up in their hurt and fight for it. That is why people who are in trouble and go fighting for it, one way or the other way around should be recognized. A child in hurt always needs a parent who is looking after him, and give him a hug or a kiss on his hurt. That is how a child can really grow in to an healthy adult when he has emotional 'houvast' from a parent and a safe shelter. But if people in a country don't have that safety and basis provided people come to recognize that they are hurt. 

Change has to come from bottom up, it has to come from the deeper soul of a country where individual souls share their history together. But all individual can be part of a change if he follows his heart. A human being who is now connected to his heart, and sometimes that is hurt, recognized or not, is more connected to a healing pattern of planet earth. 

Ecological Mother Earth is in deep trouble because we were living in a way that she can't provide for. Her resources we have to use will one day be finished, so we have to share. People need a base of sharing the resources Mother Earth gives together. But if people take more than they need, a disbalance is created, because there isn't enough for the wants of all people. 

So somehow this lockdown was also a blessing, we were stopped in our rhythm Mother Earth can't support. Our rhythm was out of tune with the rhythm of Mother Earth and our ecological system is out of balance by that. But people need food everywhere, but if our ecological system can't provide for us all also because droughts, floods and fires are occurring we are in trouble. And when people don't et their basic need for good healthy food will be met and don't have a healthy system that does provide people will stir up and protest. And they need to and they should be recognized because hurt that isn't recognized will really take in forms that will give trouble later. An individual can become sick of not recognizing hurt in him or herself. But a country also can become sick if history stays 'verdrongen'. The unconscious mind searches really for healing, and if 'verdrongen' history in a peaceful way is recognized it gets transformed into healthy patterns. Within one human being, but also in the system. 

But if a government or systems fails to give support to the basic needs people will come to fight for it or protest for it, in peace or not. But please recognize the hurt of people, cause their soul is also stirring. And when people are met in that, they will be felt seen. 

But some people just want to life on now in their usual rhythm, they want to get out of lockdown and go back to a rhythm Mother Earth can't support forever. If we want to live on as a human family we need to recognize that our way of living with so many individuals all part of the human family, all connected to the deeper unconscious of planet earth wasn't a healthy way of living in rhythm of her. So we need to take a pause and realize where we are heading and how our way of living can be more healthy and more intune with this planet, cause there is only one in cosmos that is meant to be for us and we really have to take care of her in a good and healthy way. 

Somehow we as human beings should ask ourselves where do I belong and what does my heart yearns for, what does my heart cry about and how can I heal myself, my soul, but also the system I belong and live in. And many people will ask themselves, and come to protest, or heal if they recognize their hurt but also if they are really seen and recognized for that. Somehow change comes from bottom up, but should be met from top-down. It should be a healthy balance where the hurt of 'huisje boompje beestje' troubles of individuals are taken care of by their governments. 

But somehow traveling with this virus is dangerous, people should ask themselves, do I take this risk, do I want to travel now. But also I hope that people recognize who they are, where they belong to and what their heart is up to. Cause people that recognize their heart by listening to it are healthier beings. Listening to the heart gives a healthy resonance and balance in the nervous system. And people recognising the heart will take in a place Mother Earth needs, because Mother Earth needs a more healthy way of living in rhythm with her rhythm. And therefore we should really ask how ca I take care for myself as an individual for a healthy pattern in me, but also how can I take care of our ecological and sociological system I live in. But governments should ask themselves do I take care of the basic needs for people and do we feel and recognize the hurt of the people we care for, because their soul is stirring. 

And I hope people everywhere will wake up, and recognize how beautiful are planet is, and how beautiful we are as precious human beings, with a body that is designed for healthiness. But then we have to take care of ourselves but also to our hurt. Cause 'verdrongen' hurt will cause suffering in the end. But unhealthy patterns and systems in society will also cause sickness, cause people don't feel met in their deeper need for being seen and growing, we all share in some way. Cause a healthy child is curious about the world, wants to learn each step of the way, wants to learn through playing, falling and standing up again, growing within his or hers own pace. 

But we as grown ups really need to wake up now, that we have to leave a Mother Earth for our children that is a nice healthy place to live on and then we need a new rhythm that is in better tune with Mother Earth, cause otherwise we don't have food we all want on our kitchen table in our 'huisje boompje beestje'. Cause that is something we all need as human beings otherwise we can't grown in Love together. 

So let's create a new healthy patterns for us all, cause something precious is gone, shaking hands, but I hope not forever. 


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Paula Benthem 


Taking care of eachother is also good care for ourselves and is good care of our planet Mother Earth