Exhale and relax

We were in such deep distress, us all, as human beings on this planet everywhere. A deep crisis arrised and we were all touched by it. Now the time is come to exhale. Some countries are not yet in this pattern, they are still fighting this difficult disease. But for other countries the pattern of exhaling is already there. So learn from each other about what works and what not. Lockdown mentality is the best there is as a cure for this disease and it should be recognized that health off all human beings comes for economics, cause health of mind and body is priceless. So do take care of your citizens, cause they need health and good food to this new disease that is on our 'hoedenplank', it will not go away anymore, so a new system of living must come to the surface. 

And off course we need to live on with 'bedrijvigheid' but we should recognize that our way of living was exhausting the planet, but also for many human beings that were not part of the bubble of extensive consuming and vacation style living. This planet is too precious. We don't have an other planet to life on. Do recognize that. And she is really in trouble and it is not sure where that is heading and to recognize that is a great responsibility cause all human beings need a healthy living, a nice shelter, some food, and some working to earn money, and care when you don't have the possibility to work. 

And somehow work does need to see differently, mothering and taking care of your environment also voluntarily is also work that is very needed and those people should be recognized and have a healthy base to survive. 

Our planet does provide for our food, not we. And we need that food, because that is how we keep our body healthy to face this new disease on our 'hoedenplank'. And this is a tough disease. Really 21 day's on ic, or dying means a lot for people, also the ones who do need to recover. Mentally and psychically that means a lot for people. And we should pray for the souls who left our precious planet, who could not survive  this disease, they are taking care off somewhere else. 

But now the time has come to re-pattern our way of living. New legislation, new way of 'bedrijvigheid' and new ways of meeting eachother should be coming form deep within. and it is already there, some people did renew themselves in this crisis and are 'veerkrachtig' going through. Creative problem solving is now needed for a lot of troubles are arising. 

But also recognize that many people also discovered something nice in this lockdown, a more simple way of being home, making music and those people did recognize the precious off being alive in this special times. 

So now it is time to exhale and recover, not yet for the countries still in trouble, but do learn form eachother. New troubles have arisen and a new creative approach is needed, for the time has come to change our way of living on this precious planet and that has to start now. WE have to re-pattern otherwise we can't survive and thrive anymore, cause this planet is in danger, and our food and our body's are then in danger. Cause our body's are made of the soil of this earth, just the same molecules and do need the nourishment off good healthy food, over and over again. 

So let's face this together, together we are stronger, together we can make us of eachtoher strengths and support eachother in each others weaknesses and that is the way we should re-organize. But exhale, let your stress go and repattern yourself first cause a lot of troubles need resolving from a new perspective. This is the time to change! Amen 


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Paula Benthem 


Taking care of eachother is also good care for ourselves and is good care of our planet Mother Earth