Fight our way through this difficult disease

This corona virus is very difficult, a real cure isn't there. We all have to go through the proces of sickness. Our own immuunsystee has te be build up by ourselves to fight this sickness. It's a deep proces of the autonomous nervussystem. A deep level of healing can be reached if people can really make autonomous reactions with their body, that is crucial. I saw a hand with a little stress ball that was really a brilliant idea. Somehow people have maybe have to make strange moves, but that is essential, its their deep instinctive way of survival. Deep in the body, systems of hormones neurons and other deep systems in the body can communicate their way through. Sometimes specific medicine are helpful but that has to fit with that specific client and otherwise it will disturb the proces of sickness. As a professional you really need to know which medicine fit's with one person and as a professional you have to have a close look at the process of sickness. But the importantst part is that people makes their now unique movements, sometimes very small.. maybe just with one finger.. ask them to put their attention at it and that movement with attention will give a boost for the whole body. 

The whole body is really connected as one organism. If you wiggle the toe, the nose will wiggle too, sometimes not visible, but often it will. 

Some people who are ill are afraid, they need comforting care, really try to make them less scary and ask them to move a little part of their body. Maybe you should ask what food they like, because their body is used to specific ingredients that they need right now. Their body is used to it, so their system needs specific nutrients to let the body regenerate. 

That's why it is crucial to keep the food system alive. Because food is the basis need we have and we have to have a safe place where we can get through the sickness. 

And somehow now we have to be careful to be with strangers, because their are different, being with people you know is safe and that's how you can go through the sickness proces. 

Somehow we all need te be sick and go through this sickness alone, but with care at a distance from others. But somehow we all need to be sick. And making your own unique moves, eating food you always liked, sometimes complemented with specific nutrients then you can make your immuunsysteem one with this virus. 

But somehow for now we have to be careful while we are in this proces with physical contact, especially with strangers. But somehow when you went through the proces you are immuun, you have build up your own immunity and then it's a sort of safe to have contact again. But that's for later. There will come a momentum where we can get closer again. It really is... goosebumps.. and then we are safe... 

Really trust that your own unique body know it's way through, also when your sick, some people really get nasty sick, and some people have simple symptoms ... for everyone it's unique and that's why you somehow have to go through this especially now at home.. for the time being... but somehow if your through you can live closer again with eachtother.. but right now this distance fit's us all.. to go through this proces of a sort collective sickness... but we will get through and we will get close on a new way.... shining even brighter.. 

Bye Paula Benthem 

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Paula Benthem 


Taking care of eachother is also good care for ourselves and is good care of our planet Mother Earth