Guidance through the wilderness of nowadays

If something happens to you that is too painful to bare, you can get stress and can get hurt. Sometimes you become active because of it and sometimes you get depressed, in your body and in your mind. Then you can become addicted, you can choose a drug that stimulates or use a drug that sedates. So you can manage the stress you have. 


Also tolerate being hurt, search for the right connection to contain hurt

But somehow you also have to learn te be hurt, to carry your hurt with dignity, that can be with emotional hurt, mental hurt or physical hurt. But sometimes it is difficult to have and te carry so much hurt. Sometimes your window of tolerance is small, then you have to find help and support. You must not be alone with your hurt, no human being can bare hurt alone, because we are social beings and we can support each other. 


Being nice to your inner borders, that helps

But you can make your window of tolerance, window of tolerance is the space with a low level of stress and a high level of stress, and in between you can live a healthy life. You can make your window of tolerance bigger when you learn to take care of your inner borders on a healthy way. You have to learn to choose healthy food and drug, stimulating food or drug, of comforting food or drug or even sedative drug. And sometimes you have to take a healthy brake, pause, then your parasympathic nervoussystem can take over and healthy nourishing hormones in your body and your body heals then from the stress it had.


Nowadays we have a lot of stress in the world around with the coronavirus, hacking systems, harmful weather and we can get stressed about it. There are a lot of problems in the world and we have to work together now to manage. 


Taking a break helps sometimes, slow down once and a while and give nice attention to your body that helps... sort of ta'i chi.. 

Taking a break once in a while, helping eachother, supporting each other brings a healthy rithm in your body with healthy vibes.


A healthy body has a very nuanced homeostatic equilibrium  / balance of 'stofjes', cells, hormones, neurotransmitters and so on. If that gets out of balance, you are getting sick. There are some healthy things you can do about that. Drinking soms lemon juice with boiled water a bit warm is very useful in the morning. Also using kurkuma, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamon, and other spices can help and other vegetables and fruit. And eating meat a little can bring you some courage when you need it. But we all have to live in a middle way, not too much of each thing we have, and share what we have. 


But we are more then our body, our attention and our mind can change and support our body when we are ill. It also our concentration can help our body. A turner, like Epke Zonderland can make very difficult moves with a very high concentration and win a medal for it. We al can do our best learn nw skills by concentration and working together. But sometimes we have to be concentrated and sometimes we have to be unfocused. We have to be relaxt and support our nervoussystem by that. For some people is that taking a nap, for some people, taking a bath with sea salt, (also very healthy, it cleanses), for some people sporting or taking a nice walk in nature, for some people reading a book. But when you read a book, take in account do like it, do you get nice vibes, do you get thrilled in a nice way, do you get nurtured by your break. Everyone has its own rithm and it's own way to relax, but we have take account for each other. But sometimes it is reciprocal, what you need the other can give and vice versa. We belong to each other and so we can face the problems that are now happening in this world. 


Being inspired by eachother, learning form eachother and being guided by eachother

You have to find sources of courage, inspiration so you can get healthy nourishing 'stofjes' in your body. And you have to find a way in what you need and what another needs. When someone is depressed then healthy stimulating things are needed physically in the body as in the mind. But when someone is overstressed then you have to calm down someone. Sometimes you have to 'ontladen' move in a particular way to regulate your body so your body can release stress, like an animal does when it has been in danger. But for that you have to be save, you have to have a safe person so you can relax. You sometimes just have to shake it off, that's a healthy way to release stress, bbrrrrr. But a hand on your shoulder also helps, it gives a signal 'you are safe' and then you have a sort of nice relaxing breath. And you can also turn your focus on your breath, you can sit down and feel your sitting, feeling the chair and be aware of your heart or your belly. And what nurtures is to place a hand on your belly, and a hand on your heart and wait a little and breath with a focus what you like on your heart or your belly. And what also nurtures is to place and a hand in your neck, occiput, it's a place where al lot of tension comes when you are in stress, and when you put a hand there and on your heart, your nervouwssystem can get relaxed. And just take a little while like this, a hand on your forehead works also, and with nice relaxing music, then you have a very powerful nap, very healthy for your body and mind. 


And when you are really overstressed a nice space or environment is needed that is safe with nice people. Then you can relax, and storm of stress can be released. 


Wechselnde Pfaden, Schatten und Licht, Alles ist Genade, Furchte Dich Nicht

Storm van Binnen, Zoekend Naar Rust, Op weg zijn naar Vrede


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Taking care of eachother is also good care for ourselves and is good care of our planet Mother Earth