About Shock

We are hurt deeply. This virus and lockdown has separated us from something precious what was our normal way of being, being close to each other. Giving eachother hands, holding eachother close and something deep in us is shaken and is in shock because we can't be close to one another anymore. we have to stay careful. But this shock goes deep and somehow people live on, holding themselves to their own pattern and believe system. And we all want to go back somehow to our old way of living, but we can't. Our whole world has been turned up side down and that causes a deep wound deep within and it's almost too deep to consciously feel that. So we become somehow disconnected from something precious in us. The shock of this new way of living is too deep too feel, so something of us becomes separated and we just go on surviving. But if we want to heal, we need safety, we need a safe huisje boompje beestje to become connected again. But also to a new pattern, to become heal again we need a pause and safety and dare to feel our hurt step by step. But it is painful, life is insecure and we didn't realize that. We felt safe, but now we don't anymore and to consciously feel that is painful. But if we really take a pause and take time to connect to this hurt we can become heal and become new people. We can become new transformed people by connecting to our suffering inside. And we have to, because this goes deep and if we don't connect also to our hurt and feel it, not only reflect on it, but mourn about it, we will become sick on another moment in a different way.


But this is the time we can become connected again to a deeper trust that is within us. A deeper trust that is not related to the outer state of being in the world, but to a deeper connection with the deeper flow of life within us. We are strong and vulnerable at the same time. But we need to spend time on also feeling our vulnerability, to share that and become aware of that and that it is also precious to connect with that, we can become whole through feeling that vulnerability, feeling our suffering, we can become new more whole human beings who can connect to something else that lies deep within us, our precious inner state of also being indestructible on a deeper level. 

But to feel that and to take that route of feeling our insecurity, we need to be safe, we have to have a safe huisje boompje beestje where we can connect with ourselves being unsafe and being insecure. So we have to take care for eachother now as a society, we have to work together, we all have to do a part in it. we all have to look around now and share what we have our qualities, our work, our love. But we really also should take a pause to feel, because we need that to connect again and come out of the shock. Our old rithm does not work anymore. A new rhythm has to be build up, but something deep in us is frozen now and we disconnect from that, and to become aware of that is only possible if we feel safe and surrounded and feeling cared for. But we need to connect to that part and really become aware that our life is also vulnerable. But also Mother Earth is in a vulnerable position now, we were completely out of her rithm and if we dare to connect now with ourselves it can be a way to become connected to the rhythm of Mother Earth also. To really realize that this our way home, home to a deeper inner state of being that is connected with Mother Earth, that she can nourish us, and that she can make us feel home again, by realizing that we are home on this planet as precious human beings who are shaken now and deeply hurt, because something precious to being close is taken away. 

So let's pause and feel our insecurity and mourn, mourn about what is being lost, mourn about what is being hurt and take time to nourish your body, because that is the temple we live in and where our hurt can be felt. We have to connect to our bodies in a deep nourishing way, to connect also our deeper parts again. So take time, we are shaken, and that needs safety, a safe huisje boompje beestje where we can become whole again in a new way. Where we can learn to connect to another safety, a safety of being connected to ourselves, to a deeper part of ourselves, but that takes time, and feeling our pain is the way to connect again, not only talking, but take time to feel, really mourn, but for that we need safety and time. 

So let's take care for eachother, we all need to take care and provide for eachtoher, we need to give eachother safety in our manners to eachother, so be simple kind and honour eachother for that we are all hurt beings right now. And that we can give eachother comfort to feel our suffering, cause feeling through it will give us a deeper connection to ourselves and a deeper feeling of trust again on another level. But we need a safe basis to make that connection, to make that step in route that is a route within, a journey within to connect with our deeper core where we are also indestructible, where we are deeply strong and can survive, but it's another level and we need to recognize our suffering and our pain for that.


So take time, become still, and feel and mourn.. and nourish yourself with simple things, a nice peace of chocolate, a showering, working in the garden, being close to one another in a new different way. but take time to connect with your deeper part, but that goes through our hurt and you will become strong again as a new human being connected to a new rhythm that is needed for Mother Earth needs us in a new Rhythm, connecting again. Cause connecting to our own rhythm, deeper rhythm, to the rhythm of our inner nature is connecting to Mother Earth. 



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Paula Benthem 


Taking care of eachother is also good care for ourselves and is good care of our planet Mother Earth