From crisis, to recovery and again to grow,

How we can fall, stand up and walk a path with more faith, dignity and more courage together with eachother. 

Being a human being is being vulnerable and strong together, both at the same time. Every morning is a new morning, sometimes with troubles, sometimes with nice things. But everything comes with an unexpected smile, a visiter comes, sometimes you like it and sometimes not... but that's life, not everything is nice in life, but working together makes life more nice. If you recognize yourself in the other and see that we belong to each other, then we can be strong together. 


I had a life of mental problems, of hearing voices that were nasty and mean. But I became so strong that I almost don't hear these voices anymore. When I hear them it's a sign that I have to take care of myself. I have search for help, from others, and I have take care of my own needs. Sometimes I need someone else for that and sometimes I need to be alone, but being part of a community helps.. I need to be part of a community, so share what I have and being recognized, in my fulnarebility in my weakness and in my strengt. Then I can be part of a nice world with a lot of problems. 


I became myself in a unique way, like we all, we all are immensable unique and we can serve each other. We can help and guide each other through storms and nasty weather, in the mind, in nature and in our body's. So we can recover together from very many problems in the world of today. Mother Earth is in problems, big problems, that's why the storms are raging. 


But we can bring light to each other, we can be a rainbow for each other. And every time when you are in trouble, you have to face yourself, what do I need right now, do I need a break, do I need comfort, do I need support, what do I need and what would I like to do now, and what is my task right how can I bring forth good things in life. What are my enemies, who are harmful for me and who are supporting. But how can we really be one big family of supporting each other, because Mother Earth needs people who work together to save and keep healthy what is left. And we can do that.. we are motherfucking strong together... together we can save, and bring forth nice children who know that they are taken care and give each other hope.. that we are strong especially when we work together with all the problems we have. 


And healing is possible, really with faith you can heal, and sometimes being healed, is not that you are totally healthy, but being healed, is recognizing that we are one big family needing every one, with a special task for everyone, and together we can survive a lot of trouble.. and I know it is possible, we can survive and life as one big community of this Mother Earth that is in trouble.. but we can, if we work together. And we all can do something.. we all know something..


But we need less of internet, because that gives a lot of trouble. And we can have little internet, f we recognize that that gives troubles. We need more silence in our minds, nice music and being part of one big family. 

And sometimes you just have to switch off your phone, just put it out.. it will give you rest. It will give you some more comfort. And if we all do that, then it is better for us all. But we can still use some techniques, we don't have to go totally back to a time without internet, but less internet is better for us all. 

But if we share what we have got, taken time to listen to our bodies for what we need, listen to our minds for what we need, and take time to be still and take a pause and also pray for better times. We can be then a strong world wide web of belonging people also via internet. Sharing our knowledge and wisdom all around the world, communicating with each other over the planet... but with less... 2g is maybe just enough, to have comforting talks with nice people on another place, when they are not near... 

We have to be strong, we are in danger, the planet is in danger and we have less supplies, so share, share what we have with each other. And be strong... we can do this together! 

Together we can!! We can be a Beam Of Light for each other! Right Now, for the sake of all people!! 

Then I like to share the Mother of all Mantra's.. the Gayatri Mantra... And I like to share the Grandmother Song Gula Gula.... 

Because we need to be strong Mothers and Fathers for our precious ones... And we need strong Grandparents for the sake off all.. because Mother Earth is in big trouble.. but we can if we are courageous together! The Animals and the Plants needs our care... like we have to care for each other.. 


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Paula Benthem 


Liefdevol omgaan met elkaar

Taking care of eachother is also good care for ourselves

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