Mother Earth Cries

We face a deep human crisis. Some people really think an new era of nice times is coming. WBut this coronavirus is very brutally designed to ruin us. That's why it is critical that people come back to the places where they belong, except when have institutionalized and recognized as part of the nation. Every nation has it's own challenge now, caring for the people. We all will have at some point this virus and it will be a hell of a job to survive this. 

That why Mother Earth cries, there was a true momentum that we could be free of war and de healthy, but now we won't be healthy for a while. But this was foreseen, and the important thing to remember is that we are not in war now at Mother Earth. But we are facing in every country a deep genetic crisis that will keep uw busy for a while. And much worse things didn't happen. So somehow we are lucky. 

But this virus will hold our societies in meltdown for two years. We have to recognize that a lot of people won't survive and that a lot of people are needed to take care for the people that dies, and that basis needs of every human being needs to be recognized and is taken care for. Because we all need shelter to be sick, we all need food, we all need clothes. 

And most important is to share our medical supplies and our medical knowledge. Cause I am afraid that a vaccin is very difficult. Cause this virus reacts differently throughout different 'volkeren'. That's why we will suffer al lot. Many will get ill, lose jobs, lose friends. 

We are really in a pandemic. But people healed also from this virus, but's now in their body's. We have to recognize that we will all have a broken body. But if we really can connect with our deeper inner source renewal and faith can come to the surface and regeneration of our body is possible. 

The human body is so beautifully designed it is made for recovery. It is made to heal. Neurons in the brans can make new pathways, a flesh wound really can heal, and our immuunsysteem can regenerate with old tantric techniques from all over the world. Really the indiginious people know different healing techniques that help recover now, because it can reintegrate the physical body, with the mental body and the auric body. We are one bio-electric organism and with specific care and new / old style traditional healing techniques we can and will survive. 

And deep prayer, prayer with the connection to your own deeper source can guide you now to heal. But it's a deep fight inside your body that has a sort of primordial wisdom that has to be picked up and recognized that will help us really heal this virus and will tackle the many problems that arise from that. 

This is it for now.... keep ongoing ... we need to keep faith also when people don't obey the rules for distance also don't really realize that this virus is a very mean and nasty one. 

We have to take a specific route now, with all the people we have, we have to make new discussions, new choices and a new way of living is needed to survive. But the government knows how to organise the society now that as many people will survive. But good care is needed for a longer period. 

Let's face this together and work hard to find a way out of this puzzle.. 

Bye Paula 

This Virus causes deep instinctive fear.. that's why we need to hold each other in another way, supporting eachother also on a human way, not only by technique. Somehow holding eachtohter in the arms is not allowed .. but later it will again, but that takes time and will be a hell of a proces. 

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Paula Benthem 


Taking care of eachother is also good care for ourselves and is good care of our planet Mother Earth