New Faith Is Rising

Our Life is so precious, we really are precious beings with a deep inner core of Love. Really Love survives everything and is really stronger than everything. And life is mysterious, isn't to be understood. Really we have some basis rules, but the deep inner core of our selves and of our kosmos is mysterious and unconceptual.... this isn't to be understood by any scientist... it's beautifully amazing and crying out and praying from within can help us survive. 


This coronavirus is really a danger, it really touches deeply our health, touches deeply our humanity. It's an 1 virus and the whole world is really in lockdown and that's really for a reason. Be careful, really take in the precautions, cause this virus is fucking with our genes.. but we can fight back.. 


We can learn to survive and regenerate by being faithful, by being strong, by connecting with eachother, by really realizing that our inner core is indestructible..  really our core is preciousness itself... it is really an undiscriable mysterie and shining diamond.. if we really realise that and if we really connect we can survive and regenerate. But we have te remember that again.. we really have to remember that we are one big human precious family, we belong to eachother.. we share the same oorsprong and the same destiny... and only if we are strong, we will survive.. 


But many won't and that's for we have mourn, we have cry and make rituals to say goodbye... and please share the good vibes... please where you get a smile off, please share we you feel reconnigniz and please share your vulnerability and let you be taken care of.... together we can... 




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Paula Benthem 


Taking care of eachother is also good care for ourselves and is good care of our planet Mother Earth