New Ways of Living Together

We have to stand together side by side, making each other strong, believing in the capacities of eachother, caring for eachother, side by side, helping the ones in need. 

This coronavirus is disastrous. No nice way of living. We have to really be careful, good ways of selfceare are needed and care for the ones next to you. This virus is mean, and no one is allowed to make inappropriate risks. People will fall away, people will die, we have to support eachother with that. But we can survive also, many of us will, but not all. We will lose someone and therefore we have to mourn. We have to take in account that we lose loved ones, but maybe they go on to a good place if you believe that. Heaven awaits but not for all. That's an own choice already made. 

But many of us will survive, but it will be a long ride. This is a secret destiny off mankind. We can only survive if we stand together and let go of economics. Being safe and sound, be loved and taking care off, and being healthy is all we have now. Other things will fall apart. 

But while I am writing I am hearing the birds singing in the nightfall. The Shadows of corona are over us, But not on our soul. Our soul is stronger if you believe and if you can rely on that. That's out purpose. Mourn if you lose loved ones, share your food, share your capacities and take the rest you need. Take care of yourself, your loved ones, but also the ones who have no one. We have to be family for eachother, just because we are human beings who have a heart and need eachother.


We have to face difficulties together and face this troubles together.... be strong and powerful, share what you have and be careful with everything you do... and take in account we need to be there for eachother, this is a time where being there for eachother is the most important thing we can do... It will take a long time, this virus is not over yet. But important people know what they do, who they are and they know what they know and if you bundle that together we can face this turning of the table. 


This is because human race is strong and is needed on Mother Earth, our place, our very small planet in our universe, where we are so vulnerable and strong at the same time... 


Take time to pray, to be still and find your way now.... together is better.. 



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Paula Benthem 


Taking care of eachother is also good care for ourselves and is good care of our planet Mother Earth