Time for Peace

New times are taking place. Violent culture is transforming in non-violent culture. The soul of the human spirit is recognized by enough people, who are turning their lives in the good old fashioned way. Some people are not woken up yet. The have to be got by the virus that is Love. Recognizing ones own spirit and the spirit of your motherland and recognizing that you belong somewhere on this mother planet is making new space for new ways of living. 

Some people does not recognize who they truly are, they have to be told of their roots, from wich family they are and they have to find out themselves with the help of the woken up with task they have in turning Mother Earth in a peaceful mandala again. 

Much is lost, especially in the fires of last summer. Some multinationals really have to learn to grow up. We need nature, we need trees, the lungs, especially the amazone, of Mother Earth needs to be save and we can't give up more forests. For the city of Jakarta other land must be taken to give people homes a place where they have their own 'huisje boompje beestje'. 

But some people maybe like to move to other places and maybe sometimes back to where they belong. That is important because there is a task for everyone, how small or big. 

I read the book of a man who dedicated his life to planting trees and a whole forest was born. We need trees and with peaceful land farming we can make eroded land beautiful again. That is possible. But some peaces of Mother Earth are destined to be 'woestijnen' or forests or oceans. 

We have a big problem of our warming up. A deep constellation of troubles is the cause of that and we have to turn the Love radio and tv on. Singing helps and working together to save what we have is needed. We have to fight the troubles of these times together. New working collaborations are founded. A new way of living is arising for many people. But only the ones who recognize themselves and are touched by the troubles we now face. 

By praying we can be stronger than sickness. But sickness in the mind is more heavy than a broken arm. And still many people are sick. They have to be woken up by strong force. But many people also have to have new chances and new recognision for their past. And knowing where you belong to is important then you know what to do, what your speciality is and what task is made for you because it fits. 

New ways of healthy being human is unfolding. But everyone needs food, we have to share what we have, we have enough. And when we go on living for the things we need, not what we want, there is space to sometimes do something silly, Buying a 'miskoop'. Having something that is not useful but 'swaa'. 

Mother Earth needs recognition for her deep trouble, she is moving up and down. But enough people are turned on by her and working hard to save what is left. And a new way of living is arising. But people always need shelter and a peaceful place to live. That is how we survive and will gon on. 

The specific order is nice.. this is the way we have to continue and life on. Much trouble ahead because of our eco-system out of balance, but we can survive, we can thrive and make Mother Planet Earth happy again, by turning on the Love radio. Happy vibes will make us thrive if we work togeher much can be saved and we can be strong. But it is important not te lose more nature, we need nature, every house needs a plant. And we have lost important nature and animals because of the fires, and then we have lost something vital. But if we remember and now that every plant, tree, mineral, animal, human being has it's own vital role, then we can life on if more happier vibes. Code Orange or Yellow Submarine. 

Waking up and hearing the birds sing and seeing the sky turning into colours because of the sun shining will give you the power te work and life on. And a good healthy sleep will also help. 

But for now this is enough... good vibes are working. Nations are working together, every mother or fatherland has it's past and future, but recognising that we are one big human family will make us strong. Every nation has it's own colour under the rainbow... and together we can face this... 

Amen, halleluja.... new spring will come.. 


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Paula Benthem 


Taking care of eachother is also good care for ourselves and is good care of our planet Mother Earth