Old Patterns and Ways of Living are Failing

This crisis is a painful crisis, it touches our precious human body on a deep level. But it touches also the heart of our society. Everything is in lockdown, everything is different and requires a new way of living where old habit fail. We have to be careful now, otherwise we will get stuck. This way of living is needed for a while, otherwise we won't survive. We can't let that happen. 

But it will hurt us deeply, cause economics will collapse. Old the old ways of money will be cut off. Wr can't go on like this. But it will hurt many who believe that money is the answer. We were privileged for so many years and we did not take that is account. But we were not all privileged. Many country's did not had the money and resources, or had the resources but we took it away. 

But this crisis will cut all that patterns down. Old ways of money transfer won't last, because the underlying principles doesn't work anymore... it is not the way of Mother Earth, it were way's of people who did not take in account the preciousness of all beings, but now it's too late. We have to watch how old ways of behaving not last anymore and new patterns are not yet made. That will be difficult because we will see it hurts in our face. And that will be painful. But we don't have much we can really do. 

We have to watch and wait for new times to come. Old structures will fall down, and tak each other in their fail. Informal structures will be shaken, but will survive. But it will cost al lot. We will be in despair and we will be in fear to eachother. Many will not see the bigger pattern and will crumble down. As it was foreseen. 

But then we have to be strong, we have to realize, that we took too much of the earth, our way of living was a way of living that wasn't accountable anymore, we really have to realise that. That's why it cannot survive. And many models of money transfer were of the rich not taken in account the poor and they won't survive. People will be in hunger and agony and also in hurt because of the virus. 

But right now we have to be careful, we have to watch and see and can't do much, cause the old patterns must fall down, they are no contribution to a healthy way of living on Planet Earth. But we also need to care, it will be a difficult painful split. Because the structures of help can't bear the help that is needed. We will be in pain and we will all see. 

We have to look in and see what our contribution was and change inside our way of living and realise how vulnerable we are, but also Mother Earth is. We can't life on like this. But it will be painful to see so many hurt and can't really do much. And we have to be careful, we can't let us go with this flow. We have to preserve what we have and don't neglect our own need. But we need to realise we are privileged as was foreseen. And we have to be thankful about that. It's a way of living that is in our genes for long, that will survive and new structures will then have to be build... bu for now we have to watch and can't do much... 

Let us pray for so many people who don't have much, don't have soap, are in hunger and that have te resources to protect themselves.... take in account that we were living in a weird world of consuming way too much and didn't take in account the resources we have. That split will be clear and we have to become inventive te resolve that... but inventions can de made if we stay out of fear and become creative sailors in this destructive times... for now its enough.... it won't be nice times, for many of us around the world.... structures will fall apart.. and new informal ways of living are not visible yet... and this is it.. for now.. 


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Paula Benthem 


Taking care of eachother is also good care for ourselves and is good care of our planet Mother Earth