The Power of Intention

The Power of Intention and praying is immensely strong. When you give something to someone with the intention to heal it will help with healing. If your intention is to do good, your actions will be better. Sometimes you make a mistake, but making mistakes is human, we all make mistakes, no one excluded. But if your intention was right and you learn from your mistake there is nothing wrong. Being sorry can be so simple, I am sorry, I made a mistake, that's all. 

And forgiving can also be simple. Sometimes the hurt goes deep and that does need recognition and when it has got recognition, then you can go further. But sometimes this is more an internal process. That you have to recognize yourself, your own hurt or mistakes and then you can give your forgiveness and make apologies for what you did. 

Intention as a Beam of Light

Your intention is a beam of light, it gives you the right direction of your actions, how small or big. And intention can be felt in the resonance with someone else. Intention can be a guideline. Sometimes you need help with your actions to bring your intention to a good purpose. And we all need help from each other. We need to serve eachother. Making use of each others qualities and help each other with our weaknesses. Everyone has a strong side and weaknesses. And when we support eachother we can serve a greater purpose together. This is needed in these days of much problems together in the time right now. 

Much is happening in people's life. We feel in danger by the corona virus, but fear makes us weak. But it is very normal to have some fear. Because fear is a normal human signal that something is in danger and that we have to be cautious. And we can help eachother with the knowledge and qualities we have and being strong together. 

'Dienend Leiderschap - Serving Leaders"

Leaders have to serve, and follow and serve the processes that are going on. And sometimes new dissisions have to be made in a split second. But in the right team, in the right constellation of people that is possible. Somehow trust is needed in a deeper source of connection. That we are part of eachother, human beings belonging to eachother. And that we are part of a deeper inner source that is also an outer source, a source of Love, we all belong to, every human being. And with meditation and praying we can connect to that inner of outer source of Love and Togetherness, And with that connection we can be strong, we can fill ourselves with an other nourishing energy if we take that time to make that connection. And everyone can have his or her own way of making that nourishing connection, where new energy is been given to you just when you make time for that in your own way... 

Take Time To Be Still

Take that time!! and you can be filled with trust, a new nourishing energy, courage and a deeper understanding of what your task is... sometimes you can't look ahead very far... but sometimes by taking time to be still and ask your deeper source of Love for what step is needed, something will come up that will give you the right direction... take time to be still, connect in your way.. and ask for guidance for what is needed and what your task will be, al small one or a big one.... everyone is needed with small tasks, with big tasks.... everyone has it's place in the constellations of being human on Mother Earth. And together we can face the problems that are now rising, but with everyone helping we can face it and be stronger, because Love is always stronger, Love always goes deeper and Love and loving kindness is the healing force on this planet.


The nourishing coherence of your heart, just a heartbeat away

And your heart knows, in your heart that deep source of Love is hidden, just put a hand on your heart, take time to be still, breath in and out to your heart and an answer will be given if you need it. Your heart has a bigger intuitive resonance, a bigger intelligence, intuition and will guide you along the way. And when you put your attention to your heart, your heartbeat will become coherent and that will give some nourishing in the stressful times that are now occurring... to take time to nourish yourself, also when you don't have time much.. only a few minutes already will be helpful and pray, pray for better times and what your next step will be.. and good things and good cooperation will come your way... 


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Paula Benthem 


Taking care of eachother is also good care for ourselves and is good care of our planet Mother Earth