Shaking Hands Should Become Normal Again

This virus has shaken us all, a deep human crisis on different levels is following. Something simple as giving each other a hand as a symbol of getting to know eachother and as a symbol of making an agreement is stolen from us. But hopefully it will become normal again. This is a virus to be instinctively feared off, but somehow we have to life with it and encounter it, each one of us. But we need support with it, we do need good nutrients that make our immuunsystem very strong to bite through this virus. When you are healthy of body and mind you will find it easier. But somehow we went through this first episode very beautifully. Many people were saved by getting in a lockdown. But it shakes our way of living deeply, all our routines and normal patterns were shaken and we all feared deeply in our unconscious this virus. So we have to let go of our stress by it. By really healthy take on some of our old habits and routines.


But somehow we also need to be careful. Many people are also economically shaken by the economic collapse that did occur, and that gives stress also too many. Their way of earning money has fallen down. They have to rely on other resources given by governments. But when governments have their system not in order that becomes difficult. Also that has to do with old history, culture and mentality. Each country, or nation does have a different flavour. But we have to work together now, we all belong to the same human family of different races, nations, folklores. But we can learn from eachother and should support eachtoher. Cause also economically we are interwoven to eachother. Discissions made at one place do have consequences for people at the other end of the world. We do have a global society and we really do need to realize. 


And somehow we really have to realise that our way of living had a footprint way too big on this precious planet. She can provide for us all, but not if we go back to our old way of living. We do need to realise that she really has not the resources to provide that way of living for long in the future. This is the time that human mankind does need to realise that if we want to support our children, our grantchildren and so on, that we really have to change. And in 2050, but right now. This crisis will change our way of living, it already did, but many want to go back. but we can't. Also because this virus won't let us. 


This is a difficult situation, because we as humans do have an adventurous side to really grow, but we always let this growth be outside ourselves, to adventure the world. Now we have to look inward and really aks ourselves how can a provide a healthy pattern way of living for all human beings. Cause when we really buy really cheap clothes 'made in..' and in three times washing the shirt has gone old, but the colors has shaken Mother Nature, the 'arbeidsomstandigheden' of the workers were bad, and the people buying lost their interest in that shirt already after they bought it. How can we then really go on living? This precious planet and all the precious human beings living on it can't live anymore in a system that works like this. 


So this has to be the turning point, that we all realise what has been my pattern of spending money, how was my way of living affecting other people's ways of living and Mother Nature and can a turn my way of living into a healthier way of living. And thereby we need good nutrients for when we face corona, we do get in an instinctive battle to become better and therefore we all need good food and a healthy way of living. Not with to much fear, not with to much worries because that decreases our weerstand. 


But we also have to realise that we are very strong 'veerkrachtig'. We are resilient more that we think. But then we have to be authentic, we really have to keep 'dichtbij onszelf', cause then we are not going over our borders, then we are really living in a healthy pattern governt from deep within. That's a way of living every human being should have the possibility of. But we have to realise that our way of living, the distortion of haven the same possibilities and the same changes in live was not for every one the same. 


But do realise happiness does not have to come from outside resources, happiness is something within, also when you have trouble, you can find a source of happiness that is from within. And when you find that resource you have a nice routeplanner that guides you through now. Making a more beautiful Mozaiek on this planet that was before. 


So find that source of inner happiness and share it, find your qualities and do contribute to healthier rhythm and way of living on this precious planet. Every step does make the difference right now and do take a pause, do realise that we are shaken deeply and that we have to let go of that stress also, step by step, by exhaling our stress and relaxing... 


Take time to be still and think of all of this and do ask yourself within 'what do I need right now to take care of myself? But what can I do to provide a healthier way of living on this precious planet? and keep on going to be true to yourself and stay close to who you truly are, be authentic in everything! And smile again, we survived a deep attack, so enjoy also a nice healthy summer... Cause smiling also gives the human body a boost of nice 'stofjes' and that we all need right now, after all this stress... so do smile and be proud and stay very close to yourself and create a more beautiful pattern inside yourself and outside yourself...

But if are shaken in our way of living and we can't support ourselves we can become angry and protest... we do have to realise that that is also normal, or we get blushed out and we flight or 'bevriezen' or we fight. And somewhere we were on a deep level all frozen, and when we come out of it our fight or flight modus comes to the surface, that a deep normal reaction we have to shake off.. that is trauma work we all need now.. also in society.. But to recover from deep shock, we all need safety, a nice 'huisje boompje beestje' a shelter, with food and money to buy the things we need to 'lick our wounds this summer'. And that is something the governments have to provide for. 



© 2019 by Paula Benthem.  Proudly created with and Wisemice

Paula Benthem 


Taking care of eachother is also good care for ourselves and is good care of our planet Mother Earth