A strange way of living... 

Right now we have a dangerous time. We are feared by this strange virus, somehow instinctively we need te stay away from eachtother.. but that does not need to be forever... but we will have a strange time of living for a while and we have to be careful for eachother. This strange virus causes deep fear, and that is the truth. And because we are sort all feared ... we have to keep therefore a distance... and very carefully we have to recognize eachother and be proud of eachother... but keep a sort of distance that is needed especially when you don't especially know eachtoher... something deep in triggered and we need new ways of regulating ourselves.. we have to learn that... and in that we have to change our body language... new rules of body language are needed in a new style... 

Netherlands has to train it's way through... we have learn to bite this virus down... but's its a deep problem and that has to be recognized... we still have make a step in trust, in knowing that we are really one big human family and we still have to take care for eachother just as much as we can... it's a deep problem we have.. a new code of living is needed for a while.. somehow we need te be at home and think through and learn new ways of coping and dealing with somehow this deep instinctive fear... but if we do that for a while and somehow pray, really deeply pray for eachother then we get through it... we have to really feel we naturally do belong.. we do belong as a herd of families with eachother also with also the nations and 'volkeren'.. we are facing deep problem but it really can and will we solved if we try everything the hardest and bite our way through, really we can, I have goosebumps, and that is because the unendless preciousness, primordial being in us is stronger and of we can bite and pray it through we will survive.. we will, but we will be hurt for a while.. and that's precious thing we have... if we are really touched, really touched and cry also... then we really strong.. we are strong immensely strong but also so vulnerable.. and we can't really cannot let slip this through our fingers... we really have to snap this out.. in a regulated way.... and listen to the government how we have to obey te rules.. and a lot will be sort out.. a lot will be sort out by the government for us all... just obey the rules. now.. we have to sort out this puzzle with dignity and we will.. goosebumps.. 

bye... Paula Benthem 

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Paula Benthem 


Taking care of eachother is also good care for ourselves and is good care of our planet Mother Earth