New way of living should arise through our struggling

A new reality has come where a very difficult disease to manage is changing the rules we have to obey to keep safe. It is very difficult but crucial time cause we face three troubling situations, a human health service crisis, an economic crisis but also an ecological crisis. New times are to come where we have to face that our old way of living is over and that we should re-arrange, repattern our ways of living. But social distancing is a crucial factor when it's needed. And lockdown mentality also. But many are not to know how difficult it is and they want vacation time and they need it also. But it is no vacation when you are on ic with this disease. 

We have to face that we have a new disease on our 'hoedenplank' that is very difficult to manage, but is is under us now. Many are threatened in their way of living, in their routines, in their health and in their happiness. They protest or go on living really deeply shaken inside by this very deep lockdown that was truly needed. We should realise that protest is also a normal fight reaction when you come in trouble. But we should also realise that people need stability in having a shelter, having enough money to buy food to have a good immuunsystem for this disease when they encounter it. 

We all want a happy 'huisje, boompje, beestje'. And we all have different patterns how we arrange that. But something has to be recognized that we live in a new world where a disastrous disease is onder us, and we all will encounter it oneday. We can't 'voorkomen' that. We can protect ourselves in a simpel manner, by washing hands and keeping distance, but it is not a normal way of living, because we are affectionate human beings and affection to eachther is most simpel way of having loving encounters with the people around. And that should come back in a new way, where we bite through. But that is not the timing yet. But is will come where we all will have faced difficulties with all the troubles that now exists. 

So we should embrace ourselves and eachother in a different way, where a new pattern has to be made and a simple way of living should be provided by governments. But really our old normal very human way of being close to eachtother, simply sitting next to eachtother as strangers on one couch is broken and that is a deep shame. So we should protect ourselves in a new way that is hard to face, that is really hard to face. 

And governments should guide this proces of creating also a new pattern for us all. Cause also many people realized by being in their lockdown bubble that there was also something precious. A more simple way of living in home, but that was not for us all. But there can be something precious if we realise that if we slowdown our way of consuming that is disastrous for this planet, we can also become more present to our surroundings and realize that we caused much damage to our precious planet and that we really must stand up for this, really show responsibility for taking care to this precious planet, cause our food, that we need does not come from above, it is woven in the fertile grounds we have. But not on all places on earth. Planet earth is changing and we should be really careful right now, cause it's a chain of reactions that we really don't know precisely how it is to come. So protect the nature and feeding grounds there are, cause rain is needed for plants to grow. Fertile really nurtured grounds are needed for all our food for all precious beings on this planet. 

But really realise our ecological system and climate is changing, is really changing and how it will really go, we don't know, we really don't know. But it is caused by our mentality of only wanting 'more, more, more' and didn't realise that the planet can not provide that way of living for us all. We should really realise that there can be enough, if we are really careful and create a more healthy pattern for us all. Protecting our loved ones for a difficult disease, realizing that people are truly shaking in their way of living and our precious planet is trouble in bad weather. And all these trouble are now happening. A new system of economics has to become realized where we know that having a healthy immuunsystem is something we all need. And fear and worrying causes troubles, not having good food causes troubles, but also a mentality of 'lang leve de lol' causes troubles. Cause this disease isn't 'lang leve de lol' when your on ic. So an old code of living together is broken, and people are shaken by it and a new code of living has come, but now way it is normal, when we are social affectionate human beings that do need affection to survive. A baby that isn't cuddled will dy, of missing the affection. We can't only life on food, we need affection to as human beings. 

So become still, realize that this is a very difficult time, where we have a new disease under us, an a-infection disease that causes stress within us all. And we are in a time where climate records are broken in Siberia. And that will cause a chain of reactions and then life in unsure. And how to handle that is difficult for us all. So give eachother hands in a new way, where we truly have to provide a safe 'huisje, boompje, beestje' for us all. And do realise that we are all connected on this global planet. Our choices here does provide reactions on other places in the world. So be really careful with everything that you buy, cause truly every euro spend does mean something for a human being somewhere else. And that we should really take into account. 

We are one big human family off all kinds and we should shake hands in a new way of living giving everyone a shelter to be with loved ones, and taking care of our precious planet, that is in stress. This is really the time to step up and be strong as one big human family where we have to thrive and stride together. But our food does not come from heaven, it needs rain, sunshine and good nutrients in the soil, in a precious 'verhouding' otherwise crops will fail and we do need a good immuunsystem for us all. 

So pray, be still, connect with something deep within and do your job for the sake of us all! 

But also let's become creative, cause something new has arrived also, we sang our way throuhg in the lockdownbubble. And we have to take in account that we are strong also from the inside out. If we know were we come from and where we belong... then we can arise and create a new pattern fur us all! Amen! 


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Paula Benthem 


Taking care of eachother is also good care for ourselves and is good care of our planet Mother Earth