The World is Hurt, a new way of living has arrived

The World has transformed a new dawn is broken and has arrived, not a happy one, but that is mixed up. But we can't live very close to eachother. We can't go to school, to clubs, to sport, we can't be together as we were used to do, and that hurts. Everyone has to find a new pattern, everyone is shaken by this deep virus that calls us to a different way of living. But shaken hands such a simple thing to learn to know eachother isn't allowed, and that's poverty. 

We have to keep eachother alive in another way, we have to survive like this in a new way, cause this virus is a difficult puzzle to resolve. We have to be stil and quiet for a while, we have to be close to eachtoher on another level. So please take care for people who don't have good networks now, take care for your neighbour. How painful to not be able to celebrate your birthday on a normal way, sitting next to eachtohter with friends and family at the same table.. 

It will be possible again, but it will be difficult to build that up and that we have to know, from June we can begin to go outside again.. slowly bit by bit... But remember the old way of living wasn't good for Mother Earth, for years she was weeping from so many who were disconnected to hear her song... to hear her birds, to see her beauty in the flowers.. 

But till June it will be difficult for us all... we have to stay inside and wait.. and people will die of this difficult disease... so be still and Moarn for people who will pass... and take a breath a find a center within yourself were you can relax in this new way of living. 

Much of our normal way is disturbed, we all have to face this time in a different way of living, that is not like us... we belong to eachother.. it was normal that we met eachother on the streets and now that is gone... so be careful with eachother because we are all somehow shocked, by this big change... so keep on going, show in a different way how you survive... connect via the internet ways and care for the ones around you, and try to make that circle bigger now.. try to take care also for people you don't know and be friendly to each one you see... 

But such a big change is also a shock all your patterns are broken and that seems nice but isn't.. so take time to feel the pain of your normal way of living falling apart... your really have to take time to feel your hurt also.. cause somehow there is deel level of fear and distress and we find way's of surviving that. But living the way like this for a while will make us survive. 

But think of the people who don't win this fight, who will leave and die... not peaceful at all... cause this virus is not peaceful al all.... but rejoice that there still life, rejoice that the birds are still singing and rejoice in the little things of life. Be grateful for what you have, be grateful for everything that is given. But take in account... people are dying.. and that causes stress.... so be friendly and respectful for each and everyone..... say thanks for what you now have.. wait for a while and pray for better times, because they will come.. goosebumps.. they will come better times but not now... 

So be still and be grateful for what you have

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Paula Benthem 


Taking care of eachother is also good care for ourselves and is good care of our planet Mother Earth