Transforming your life in a new mandala

New times have arrived where new combinations of people are learning to know each other. It seems that it is a dangerous time. But a new way of living has to come, with a new vision of what we need to be happy... all we need is 'huisje boompje beestje' a nice comfortable place to live where we feel home, with nice people around us. Why do we need so much stuff? Why do we need so much travel? Mother Earth is crying because of so much destruction, we have to live more simple, because Mother Earth is really the only place where to live... there really no other planet for us near and really can't and are not allowed to travel to other place.. because we human beings belong to Mother Gaia Earth. 

And Gaia Mother Earth is amazingly pretty, we all know of Andre Kuipers who fell in love with her from out of space. And how nice it is when it becomes spring and birds sing more and the flowers come arising from the earth. And we all need that, don't you think? 

And how nice is it, if we can travel by bike to our work, with our head up high, cycling through the city or rural land. How nice if that's possible. And how nice that we can communicate through internet with people at the other side of the world. But so much flying, it's destructive. So much pollution and it isn't even counted in the calculations. But the birds need clean air and we too. Our lungs can regenerate, but with so much pollution that is difficult. Our cells of our human body can't have to much chemicals, then our natural system of regeneration blocks, I can feel it every moment. 

Our own human body is immensable unique and has the power to regenerate if you make a deep strong connection to it, especially with your heart. Your heart has a resonance field that is immensable strong.. Use your heartbeat for something good and goog things will appear... keep the doctor only a heartbeat away... But if you have a nice doctor like me, then you cooperate to find a nice healthy rhythm together. 

Cooperation is needed, knowing when to help and serve eachtother. Check in to eachother, do you need something, can I help you with something. And working together as a good team where everyone is needed because of his of her qualities is needed in times of stress. 

But maybe we need to realise that this time of crisis can maybe be a turning of the wheel and maybe be a beginning that it is a new chance in history to life together in a more peaceful way with less stress for everyone. 

Some things have to be divided again. Everyone needs a little money to have a good home, food and clothes and some money for a nice vacation and hobby's. And we all need to be appreciated for the work that we do. Some people have big jobs, other small, but we all can have a meaningful place in the Love Mandala of Mother Earth. 

And if you know that only Love really heals, also if your body does not work perfectly, Love is the center of our heart and of Mother Earth and of the universe and it is all connected. We are part of eachother as one human family and we really have only this planet to life on. And fighting for resources does not help. We need te be strong and realise that there are limits of the resources, and that we really can't go on like this. We are the last generation to work hard on saving our precious planet, because we ourselves are precious, we all are. And we really have to serve eachother, taking care of eachother. 

Every one is here because of a reason, everyone is born from a father and a mother, no one excluded, and we need to appreciate that. That every human being is somehow special, has somehow a unique gift in it's essence that we need. Every one is uniquely needed in a healthy way, or in the most healthiest way. And therefor we have to take care, for the people on this planet, that we all have a nice place to life, that we all are part of a community and to realise that we all belong to eachother. Some people doesn't realise that yet, but the most do, and we need to take care for the people who don't know that. 

Somehow we are strong, because our uniquely designed body has a true regenerating gift especially if we pray, then healing can take place at a deeper level, so we have to pray for eachtother. Sending Love, lighting a candle helps, really, because we are really connected by the ether with eachother. 

Think of your special ones and take care for the people who are in your space, at your home, or at your work, and work together as one big giant team to preserve life for the next generations to come... we still can, if we really change our way of living now and this corona virus crisis is our chance.. to do it different! Every crisis is a chance to think of what really is important, huisje, boompje, beestje on our own unique way we all need... we are designed for happiness, every one longs for happiness... that is what we have in common, that we are human weak and strong at the same time longing for happiness... now is the time to realise what makes us really happy and do we really need te be happy... think of that... and maybe you already have a lot... and maybe we don't need so much more and maybe we already have enough... and when you really find happiness also when the conditions are not perfect, then you are really like Nelson Mandala.. he was a strong wise when when he left the prison... so little space for so much time.. but I heard he had some special relations with his guards and he didn't need much to gain so much respect, for he is known everywhere for who he was a servant of peace and a servant of goodness and a servant of God, the unendless preciousness that is around is, but also deep in our hearts... that is a little secret for God self, seek and you shall find... sometimes in things around us, in people who me meet, or in songs of the birds, or in the sunshine or rainbow... bu if we become still or sing and listen deep within ourselves then we can find him of her too inside our hearts.... 

That's a precious gift.. when you know where to look... but looking in the eyes of a loved one is maybe all we need and holding eachother hands also... but now in corona times we have to do it a new way... ticking with our feet... but only if you have nice shoes ; ) otherwise it is not allowed ; D


This I made with soul collage.. the bricks where from a 'vuurtoren' and is a sort of path... and right now we need to shake hands with our feet.. because of corona... but with a little Love from the fire bridge we are heal... the white was a bridge and for me it looked like the old skin of a shedded snake... maybe a cobra or something.. snakes always let their old skin go in a safe space... and then they are off again... 

© 2019 by Paula Benthem.  Proudly created with and Wisemice

Paula Benthem 


Taking care of eachother is also good care for ourselves and is good care of our planet Mother Earth