When Instinct Rules

Having Hope, Connection and trusting the right ones

When Instinct Rules it's a matter of faith. You have to be guided where you are safe and where not and how to protect yourself. But sometimes it is better to give up your weapons and surrender. But if you don't want to do that, then you are really a criminal and then you are dangerous. Nowadays the world is dangerous and sometimes you have to fight for your right and sometimes you have to know where you are safe. But guided by small voice hidden, or if you see images, 'hallucinations' that guide you, then you are perfectly safe. Sometimes you have to work crucially together for the sake of all people. New guidance is there for the hard working people who know whom to protect. 

Instinct and intuition can work amazingly together to protect you from harm. Knowing what you see and somehow feeling instinctively for whom you have to hide and for whom you are safe, is life-saving. 

Instinct and intuition can bring you far

Instinct and intuition can give you guidance right now in these times. Follow your body, your body knows the way. Sometimes it just runs away or makes a move to protect. Everyone has hidden body language that is now crucial. 

New times, where new working together is needed

It are difficult times. Not much is left. You have to find shelter and know what good food is. Having a cold shower one and a while can help, it makes you sharp and clear and cleanses the body. Wim Hof knows hou to do that. It helps your immuunsysteem te protect your body and sometimes it is good to have a shake off of bad 'stofjes' in your body. Shaking and 'rillen' is good, your instinct is then working very well. 

What helps to regulate and what not

Somehow you have to find out what is helping you in these times and what not. Guided by the people around you, and guided by the voice of your body, you know where to go and what to do. Protection is needed nowadays. Sometimes news is not what it is. And working together is the best way to be safe. Everyone knows a little bit and in the right constellation, you can come through big troubles. Systematically it is different nowadays, new constellations are made and are working, that's a new way of living and that is good. Old parts have fallen away and new collaborations are building up. That's a good healthy sign. But we have to be vigilant, very careful, because the preciousness of life has te be protected and it is. But having a weapon that is not allowed is very bad sign in democratic nation. We have to find out who is protecting themselves to whom. 

Silent working together

But it is a sort of silent matter, no victory yet, no really enjoying, but somehow that is the way it is. and in a crucial combination we will work through guided by instinct and intuition you will come around. Let's face this together and we will be strong. We will, guided by light, we will be better in these day's. 


Mix Matching your nutrients 

Medication can help, but somehow we have to mix this, with good healthy sleep, cold showers to build up the immuunsysteem, healthy food, cleansing the body of toxins, with good green tea and showers. And clear your house of bad stuff... that's a good way of being healthy. Searching for what helps you right now and what not. You can put things in a box and put it away for a while that also helps. And be careful with whom you connect also with your phone. Sometimes it is better to have less apps and press the reset button once and a while. Therefore you have to have guidance from your phone company. And we have te trust each other and clear this mess with each other.


New bonds are made and we will be stronger by faith in eachother! 


Sometimes you have to stand still, connect with your feet, feel your feet, and sometimes there comes a thrill through your feet and legs, and then let it shake for a while, just for how long it is, don't try to do anything, just let it be... for how long your body needs to shake.. that's healthy. Sometimes deep emotions of panic, anxiety or fear, or angry-ness can be regulated in a healthy way, just try sometimes when you have a break... don't fear the shake, just shake it off... and you are better protected for your work! 

This is enough for today!


Have a good day!



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Taking care of eachother is also good care for ourselves and is good care of our planet Mother Earth