In Deep Honouring of the Unendless Preciousness that is within my Heart, within your Heart and that is the Heart of this existence itself

A new way of living is being born!

We are confronted with a deep human crisis. Something precious as shaking hands is lost through this coronavirus, and society's are shaken by it. An economic crisis is following and will touch us all, no human being excluded. And the other thing is that our precious planet is deeply in trouble, het ecosystem deeply out of balance by our way of living. So this has to be the turning point where we do recognize that we have to build up a new pattern of living that is healthy and good, for us all and for our precious planet. 

New economics of companies who work from a new paradigm of 'maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen', the donut companies and purpose economics will have to rise now, sharing their knowledge, their abilities and products. A new paradigm of no concurrence but working together can only bring a healthy pattern in our society's. 

So each one of us should him or herself what are my qualities and what are my burdens. How can I rise up now and take in a position to build up this new way of living that is healthier for our planet for us all. Many people did recognize in this lockdown the preciousness of spending more time with family. Having time to play with their children, spending less time in the car for work and being meaningful to others by helping other people who were in need. So something good came also about this lockdown life. Not for us all, but for many it shake down their routine and they realise that some patterns were not healthy at all. So somehow this can be an awakening of what is really precious and what is really meaningful in life. 

So let's join now together, ask yourself in your heart, what do I really wish for, what can be my contribution to create a new healthier Mozaiek for this planet. Cause our way of living wasn't supported by our planet. Our precious resources were running out by our consuming patterns, pollution of the environment was disastrous and our planet reacts with extreme droughts, fires and plagues. But that was because we were not in tune with the rhythm of the planet. Our way of living was far out of balance by systems that wasn't supporting a healthy way of living for us all. 

So we were shaken by a very disastrous disease that touches our immuunsystem very deeply. Our economics collapsed and we have to realise that we are also vulnerable. But also strong, very powerful. We held and supported eachther in a different way. But we can't go back, a new healthier way of living has to rise, step by step, created by individuals who recognize themselves and are willing to weave a new pattern now. 

Ask yourself in your heart, what can my contribution be. Cause when you focus on your heart, your heartrhytm becomes coherent with the heartbeat of this planet and you will step into this new pattern to build up. Many are touched now and will need support, will need a basis in life to come through, but some people don't have a basis, but that is because our economics were not healthy for us all. So let's ask ourself what was my contribution and how can I rearrange my life in a more healthier rhytm with this precious planet. Cause a lot will have to transform now and now is the time to do that. 

So take a pause, be still, feel that breath in your heart, feel your heartbeat, feel your precious body your living in and ask from within, what is my true gift now for the sake of our precious planet and all human beings living on it. And ask your heart, your intuition governt by your coherent heartbeat will give you the answer and commit yourself to your strengt and step up and build up a new coherent pattern of living connected with are roots in this planet. Cause we all need a healthier rhytm to be in and our precious planet needs us to come in her rhythm again. 

Find out what does it mean for you to able to breath anyway. Find out now what your gift is, and share that gift, cause life is to precious to slip out of our fingers. And every human being is precious and a new way of living is only a heartbeat away for us all. 

So rise up, stand your ground and build up a new way of living in coherence with our planet now! 


© 2019 by Paula Benthem.  Proudly created with and Wisemice

Paula Benthem 


Taking care of eachother is also good care for ourselves and is good care of our planet Mother Earth